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The First 10 Years!
A big thank you to all you people out there who have visited this site over the last ten years. You know who you are!
My objective is to provide a vehicle to publish any of my reviews and thoughts on the wonderful, most enjoyable genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and anything else that takes my fancy.

The "blog" is more a reading list for my benefit than anyone else's - senior moments are coming thick and fast

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Many reviews and overviews of books + the odd film & TV programme. Access via :
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Favourite Books (Old Page)

A Song of Ice and Fire
(Game of Thrones)
I have just finished reading George R R Martin's A Dance

My objectives are:
* to publish the results of current investigations
* to provide a contact list for collateral lines
* to provide a contact point for missing / new cousins
* to make the family photos available to all, in particular, my Great Grandmother's photo albums, and any other relevant photos out there

FH Front Page

Mary Henderson Cameron's
photo albums

Cameron Photos via a Family Group sheet

Henderson Photos via a Family Group sheet

This section details my family's pedigree.
I have now started to include Personal Pages behind the Family Group sheets. These will be accessed by clicking on (P.P.) which will be after the ancestors name if one exists - Patience! I have several thousand to post!
My ancestors' surnames include:

  with Dragons - Book 5 Part 2 - After the Feast. Wow! This series is the best Fantasy I have read in a long long time. The only problem is that we now
have to wait for George to write Book 6 - "The Winds of Winter". If my withdrawal

Family News:

You can now follow old family news by
clicking on the title (Family News)



symptoms become too severe I may have to read through all seven available volumes again. ;-)
At least the 2nd series of HBO's excellent TV adaptation is due out soon on DVD. That may help for a while. For all of  you out there who have not read or seen the above. Go out and buy Book 1 Game of Thrones or watch the first series. They are both good, but (obviously) there is more in the book.

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... and Cath's ancestry:       



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Direct Access to your Family Group Sheets, including Links to other Family History web-sites.
If you are not on the tree, but would like to be,
then please let me know.

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