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1   Book Diary

My name is Rod Cameron. I am addicted to books and reading. I don't know whether I take in as much as someone who reads more slowly, but I believe that I do. My Book diary is simply a way of accessing the most recent reviews, and of being nosy - seeing what I have been reading recently. At least what I will admit to anyway. The list doesn't include any of the monthly and quarterly magazines that I subscribe to (SF, Computing & Family History).

2   My Library

This is a working book list for my own peace of mind - particularly in second hand bookshops when I need to check my ageing memory.

3   Author Review List

The list is an alphabetical list of authors. They are mainly science fiction / fantasy, but there are also mainstream and historical authors who reflect my catholic tastes. If the authors name is not linked, then I have not yet posted any information.

Clicking on a linked authors name will give you access to their book list which gives access to the reviews, some of which have been submitted to a number of different publications & sites :

    42             - The Magazine of the Undiscovered Country Club
    Prism         - The Magazine of the BFS (British Fantasy Society)
    Worlds End - www.attheworldsend com (no longer supported) superceded by :
    Alien          - from June 2001 (no longer supported)

4    Favourite Books

Lists of my all time favourite books, all time favourite series, and so on ...

5    Favourite Television

Farscape Reviews

5    Favourite Places

Hay on Wye - the second hand book capital of England & Wales -
Wigtown, Galloway - Scotland's National Book Town -


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