Family Photographs

1    Mary Henderson Cameron (1849 - 1934)
Mary Cameron nee Henderson was my Great Grandmother. When she was a child, photography was just starting, and she had a picture of herself taken when she was 11(ish). As a result, she seems to have become "hooked" on collecting family photos which she kept in two Victorian albums. Over the last 20 years I have seen and (incompletely) analysed these photos and come to some conclusions about the identities of the subjects. I thought about publishing a book of these photos for members of the family - but it would be too expensive, and how many copies would I sell? So instead, here are the photos:

Look through the Albums     [series 1 & 2]   Loose: Henderson Family Photographs                [series 3]
Henderson Photos                  [all series]   Loose: Donald & Ann Cameron Photographs      [series 4]
Her Family Photos (Cameron)   [all series]   Loose: James & Mary Cameron Photographs     [series 5]
    Loose: Stranog Group Photographs                     [series 6]

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General notes on identification process

2    Other photos
I have other old photos to display e.g the Regis collection. But there is never enough time ...


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