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  James CAMERON        Mary HENDERSON      
1848 Born 04-Sep-1848 in Maryculter Kincardineshire     1849 Born in 1849, Peterculter Aberdeenshire      
1851 Living with parents at Burnhead, Maryculter, aged 2     1851 Living with parents at Broadiach, Skene, Aberdeenshire      
1861 Working as Cattleboy on James ABERNETHY's farm Maidinfob? Maryculter     1861 Living with parents at Blairs Machants Croft. Scholar      
1870 Married to Mary HENDERSON on 16-Nov-1870, Maryculter, Kincardineshire     1870 Married to James CAMERON on 16-Nov-1870, Maryculter, Kincardineshire      
1871 Living at Burnhead Blacksmiths, Maryculter with wife & family. Working as Master Blacksmith paying one man (apprentice Blacksmith - Leslie JOHNSTON)     1871 Living with husband & sister Janet CAMERON      
1881 Kingcausie Estate House & Smithy, Maryculter.
Master Blacksmith employer of 1 man & 1 boy.
    1881 Living with husband & family      
1891 Living at Stranog Farm, Maryculter with wife & family. Farmer     1891 Living with husband & family      
1901 Living at Stranog Farm, Maryculter with wife & family of 5 children & 1 grandchild. Farmer     1901 Living with husband & family of 5 children & 1 grandchild Mary Henderson Cameron aged 8      


1925 Died on 22-May-1925, aged 77 in Maryculter Kincardineshire     1925 Husband James died      
        1934 Died on 14-Jul 1934      
          1 Mary Ann CAMERON     Bob DUNCAN
born: 1872   born:  
        died:     occ:  
           8 children      
          2 Elizabeth CAMERON     Alex Troup CORMACK
born: 18-Aug-1873 or 1874?   born: 07-Apr-1870 or 1877? in Hareness, Maryculter.
        marr: 11-Jun-1899 at United Free Church, Maryculter, Kincardineshire
died: 23-Jul-1963. Alex & Lizzie are buried at Wallumbilla cemetery
        died: 07-Jun-1954. Alex & Lizzie are buried at Wallumbilla cemetery   occ:  
          7 children      
          3 James CAMERON     Williamina (Winnie) MEIKLE
born: 31-May-1876 in Maryculter   born: 1878
marr: 26-Jul-1904 in Edinburgh
        occ: Detective Inspector   occ: Cook / Housewife
        died: 14-Aug-1947 in Edinburgh   died: 28-Oct-1963 in Edinburgh
                2 children
          4 Margaret (Maggie) May  CAMERON     Alexander (Alec) CLARK
born: 1879, Maryculter Kincardineshire   born:  
        died:     occ: Farmer
          4 children      
          5 Peter Henderson CAMERON     Matilda REID
born: 31-Dec-1880, Maryculter Kincardineshire   born: 29-Nov-1882, Aberdeen Aberdeenshire
        occ: Master Cutter & Tailor
marr: 16-Apr-1909, Aberdeen Aberdeenshire
        died: 31-Dec-1956, Aberdeen Aberdeenshire   died: 1964, Ringwood Hampshire England
              occ: Book Binder
                6 children
          6 Jane CAMERON     William (Willie) Duguid DAUN



21-Dec-1882 at 10:30 pm at Burnhead Maryculter
18-Feb-1883 at a religious service held in East School Maryculter by Wm Sellice Minister of the Free Church of Scotland
  born: 24-May-1882 at 11:40 pm at Cowford, Auchlunies, Maryculter.
        marr: 27-Aug-1902 at Cafe Royal, Broad Street, Aberdeen according to the forms of the United Free Church
occ: Salesman
        died: 05-Dec-1964 at Woodend Hospital of Bronchopneumonia, cerebal thrombosis, hypertensive arterio sclerosis, hypertensive heart disease.   died: 14-Dec-1957 of Stomach Cancer
          5 children      
          7 John Donald CAMERON     Lily PALMER
born: 1888   born:  
        died: Photo of Auntie Maggie & Uncle Willie standing behind his grave stone:
"In memory of a beloved husband and devoted father JOHN DONALD CAMERON who passed away 10th July 1955 AGED 67 YEARS "In God's care"
        occ: Policeman in London according to Annie DAUN   died:  
                had several children who visited Maryculter
          8 William CAMERON      Maggie Bella THOMSON
born: 11-Apr-1889   born:  
        died: 20-May-1981
        occ: Farmer, Stranog Kincardineshire   died: Maryculter, Kincardineshire
                3 children
          9 Euphemie Ross CAMERON     David EDWARDS
born: 1891   born:  
        died:     occ:  
          8 children      

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