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  James REID       Jane (Jean) SMITH      
1780 26-Aug-1780 in Culsalmond kirk, William Reid & Isobel Fordyce in M. Ledingham had a son baptized named James before witnesses James Sharp in Mill of Newton & Geo. Ley in L. Ledingham     1796 Born on 24 Oct 1796 at Cairnie by Huntly, Aberdeenshire to George Smith and Mary Gaw (IGI)      
1822 19 Oct 1822 Married to Jane SMITH @ Marnoch Kirk     1822 19 Oct 1822 Married to James REID @ Marnoch Kirk (IGI)      
1841 Living in one of the Outhouses to Fergustown farm, Marnoch with wife and family of 3 children. Farmer aged 60-64     1841 Living with husband and family of 3 children. Aged 40-44. Father George SMITH living in an Outhouse belonging to Fergustown farm      


Died 01-Feb-1850 aged 70     1850 Husband died      
        1851 Living with son in Fergustown farm, aged 53      
  Taken from "The Kirkyard of Marnoch" compiled by Sheila M Spiers, there are two relevant headstones - #242 & #243     1861 Still living on Fergustown farm with surviving daughter Isabella. A widowed farmer's mother aged 64      

Erected to the memory of James Reid farmer Fergustown died
1 Feb.1859 aged 69 & his children:
      Died after 1861      
  James21Nov 1826 - 29 Mar 1832              
  George2 Jun 1830 - 11 Apr 1832              
  Peter8 Sep 1828    - 4 Jul 1832       William REID     Ann GREIG
  Jean9 Feb 1825 - 15 Apr 1833  
bap: 16-Jul-1823 @ Marnoch kirk, Banffshire (IGI)   born: 26-Feb-1844, Forgue Aberdeenshire
  Peter4 Jun 1834   - 5 Apr 1839     occ: Farmer
marr: 14-Jan-1864, Marnoch Banff
  Jean18 Oct 1836 - 16 Apr 1839     died: Died aged 71 on 07-Sep-1894 at 14 Park Place, St Nicholas, Aberdeen   died: Died aged 73 on 06-Dec-1917 at 14 Jasmine Place, St Nicholas, Aberdeen
  Isabella1 Dec 1838 - 10 Aug 1863              
  The only person alive to erect this was William Reid. Most likely erected before his mother died       Jean REID      

Erected to the memory of Peter Reid farmer of Jeanfield died 28 Oct 1859 aged 67  
born: 09-Feb-1825
Baptised on 23 Feb 1825 @ Marnoch kirk (IGI)

James Reid AM late teacher of the Northern District School, Edinburgh died Auchinclech Rothiemay 21

    died: 15-Apr-1833, Marnoch Banff aged 8 (Headstone in Marnoch Kirkyard)      
  Sep 1862 aged 30, also of his 3              
  children James, Helen & Georgina       James REID      
  all died in infancy.
His wife Helen G Primrose died 11 Jan 1864 aged 25
born: 21-Nov-1826
Baptised on 23 Nov 1826 @ Marnoch kirk (IGI)

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    died: 29-Mar-1832, Marnoch Banff aged 5 (Headstone in Marnoch Kirkyard)      
  William probably also erected              
  this headstone for his uncle and        Peter REID      
  his brother's family.

born: 08-Sep-1828
Baptised on 19 Sep 1828 @ Marnoch kirk (IGI)
        died: 04-Jul-1832, Marnoch Banff aged 3 (Headstone in Marnoch Kirkyard)      
          George REID      
born: 02-Jun-1830
Baptised on 15 Jun 1830 @ Marnoch kirk (IGI)
        died: 11-Apr-1832 , Marnoch Banff aged 1 (Headstone in Marnoch Kirkyard)      
          James REID      Helen G. PRIMROSE
01-May-1832 @ Marnoch kirk (IGI)   born: 1839
        died: 21-Sep-1862, Rothiemay (Headstone in Marnoch Kirkyard)
        occ: Teacher   died: 11-Jan-1864 (Headstone in Marnoch Kirkyard)
        1841 At home, Aged 9     3 children died in infancy (Headstone in Marnoch Kirkyard)
          Peter REID      

Baptised on 17 Jun 1834 @ Marnoch kirk (IGI)
        died: 05-Apr-1839, Marnoch Banff aged 4  (Headstone in Marnoch Kirkyard)      
          8 Jean REID      
born: 18-Oct-1836
Baptised on 27 Oct 1836 @ Marnoch kirk (IGI)
        died: 16-Apr-1839, Marnoch Banff aged 2 (Headstone in Marnoch Kirkyard)      
          9 Isabella REID      
born: 01-Dec-1838      
        died: 10-Aug-1863, Marnoch Banff (Headstone in Marnoch Kirkyard)       
        1861 With mother, aged 22      

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