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2014 A big welcome to our second grandchild Elsie Joan Iris Porter. Baby and parents doing well
2012 A big welcome to our first grandchild. His name is Idris mile Christopher Cameron. Baby and Parents are in the best of health
1st March 2012

Farewell to Jimmy HOOTON (born 3rd December 1937), who died on 1st March 2012. A true character who will be missed by all who knew him

28th February 2012 Goodbye to Peter SCANLON (born 1955) who died on 28th February 2012. He was a brother of the late Mary SYKES (nee SCANLON)
4th January 2012 Farewell to Duncan MacGREGOR (born 20-October-1933). Married to my first cousin Wilma CAMERON, he was one of life's great characters. Duncan was cremated at Friockheim, Angus on 13th January 2012
28th November 2011

Welcome to Cath's Great-Great-Great-Grandparents John HEALEY and Maria DOYLE from Co. Wicklow

29th October 2011 Farewell to Chris LLOYD a.k.a. Kreios DRAEDAN. My nephew was a talented musician, artist and DJ. he is buried very close to my Mum & Dad in Hampton in Arden churchyard
29th August 2011

A big welcome to Paula LEWIS nee POCOCK who has just got in touch. She is a grandaughter of Olive WATT, and a great grandaughter of Janet CAMERON, so we are third cousins (as Donald CAMERON was our common Great Great Grandfather)

28th April 2011 Goodbye to my Dad. James CAMERON was born on 12-January-1925. He was buried on 16th May 2011 in Hampton in Arden churchyard, with Mum
27th December 2010 Goodbye to Agnes MARQUIS. We first met when Cath & I moved in next door to her in Goose Green, Wigan in 1976. Both Agnes & her husband Ted rapidly became more than neighbours, and have remained the best of friends ever since
22nd March 2010 Goodbye to Val CAMERON nee MOODIE. She was my first cousin John's wife. She was a lovely person. She was buried on 26th March 2010
11th July 2009 Goodbye Mother. Isabel Joan CAMERON nee REGIS was born on 7th October 1921. She is buried in Hampton in Arden churchyard
  I started welcoming (and saying goodbye) to family members a while ago, but it has only occurred to me recently to develop this list into a permanent record. So apologies to any "new cousins" who are not on this page. You will be when I locate you all in my old email folders!

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