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  William REID       Ann GREIG       
1823 Born on 16-Jul-1823, Marnoch, Banffshire             20 years 7 months difference in ages. In those days, a husband had to be able to keep a wife
1841               before he got married - so the men didn't marry until they were established farmers - normally in their 40s. And did they marry a 
1844 Aged 21     1844 Born on 26-Feb-1844 at Forgue Aberdeenshire, Baptised on 23-Mar-1844 at Forgue      40 year old wife? Did they heck! They wanted lots of children

1851 Living unmarried with widowed mother Jean REID, a house servant & 2 farm servants, at Fergieston Farm, a farmer of 60 acres, aged 27     1851 Living at Pennyburn in Forgue with parents and 3 siblings, aged 7      
1859 It is reasonable to suppose that William REID took over Janefield farm on the death of his uncle Peter REID in November 1859.            

1861 Living unmarried with 2 domestic servants, a ploughman, a carter and a cattleman at Janefield Farm. A Farmer of 165 acres aged 37     1861        
1864 Married to Ann GREIG on 14-Jan-1864 at Marnoch Banffshire (Free Kirk of Scotland)     1864 Married to William REID on 14-Jan-1864 at Marnoch,  Banffshire (Free Kirk of Scotland)      
1871 Living with wife, family and 4 farm servants (including wife's father John GREIG aged 66) at Janesfield Farm, Marnoch, Banffshire, Farmer of 166 acres of which 153 acres are arable. Aged 47     1871 Living with husband, 4 children and 3 domestic servants. A Farmer's wife aged 27     NB John GREIG has been misinterpreted as John GRAY. If you look closely at the original census, you can read it as either!
1881 Living at Deemouth House, Old Machar,  Ferryhill, Aberdeen with wife and family. Working as a Carter (Coal) aged 57     1881 Living with husband, 3 children and a boarder. A Carter's wife, aged 36      
1891 Living at 25 Princes St with wife and 7 children. Working as a Coal Storekeeper, aged 67     1891 Living with husband and 7 children. Aged 47      
1894 Died on 07-Sep-1894 at 14 Park Place, St Nicholas, Aberdeen, aged 71 of morbus cordis (sudden death)     1894 Husband William REID died      
        1901 Living at 25 Gushie St with 3 daughters. A widow, aged 57      


         1917 Died 06-Dec-1917 at 14 Jasmine Place, St Nicholas, Aberdeen, aged 73 of carcinoma of the colon      
  Dates and information from:       1 Ann GREIG / REID     ?Jim CLARK?
  Eric Rose, OPR, Census,  
born: 20-Sep-1863, Forgue   born: ?from Motherwell?
   Cheryl Holden, and     died:  
    Rod Cameron     occ:     died:  
At home, scholar aged 8

At home, aged 27
    This info was verbally from Eric Rose and is unsubstantiated - Amanda Clark has doubts.
She believes Eric was referring to Ann REID daughter of Peter REID and Agnes STRACHAN who married a Jim CLARK.
  Information about Jane REID from Dad (James Cameron)       2 Jane REID     William CAGE
  who remembered married  
born: 1864/5, Marnoch   born: 1848, Thurston Suffolk
  name was CAGE. Then details researched by Lindsay LLOYD     marr: 1884, St Nicholas, Aberdeen
occ: Groom and army pensioner
        died:     died: 1906, Stow Suffolk. No probate 1906-08
        1871 At hoem, scholar aged 6     No children?
          3 James REID      
born: 09-Jan-1867, Marnoch   born:  
        occ: Stonemason, King St, Aberdeen
marr: Married twice, 1st wife died after long illness. then to
had stepson John
        died:     died:  
At home, aged 4

At home stone cutter aged 23
          4 Isabella REID      
born: 07-May-1868, Marnoch      
        died: before 1871      
          5 Elspet (Elsie) REID      
born:  22-Aug-1869, Marnoch   born:  
        died:     died:  
At home, aged 1
At home, scholar, aged 11
At home, preserving cook, 21
          6 Isabella REID      
born: 11-Sep-1871, Marnoch   born:  
        died:     died:  
          7 Peter REID     Agnes STRACHAN
born: 21-Jan-1874, Marnoch   born: 13-Nov-1877 at Beattie's Court, 102 Gallowgate, Aberdeen
  Information about Peter Reid from Mrs Amanda Clark     occ:  
marr: 27-Dec-1900 at St Nicholas Kirk, Aberdeen
        died: 21-Oct-1936, Aberdeen City   died: 23-Jan-1954
At home, scholar aged 7
At home clerk aged 17
    8 children
Parents of Agnes were James STRACHAN II and Isabella WILLIAMSON
          8 Ella REID      
born: 1879 / 1880, Insch Aberdeenshire   born:  
        died:     died:  
At home, aged 1
At home, scholar aged 11
          9 Matilda REID     Peter Henderson CAMERON
born: 29-Nov-1882, Aberdeen   born: 31-Dec-1880, Maryculter Kincardineshire
        marr: 16-Apr-1909, Aberdeen
occ: Master Cutter & Tailor
        occ: Book Binder   died: 31-Dec-1956, Aberdeen
        died: 1964, Ringwood Hampshire, aged 82     6 children
        1891 At home, scholar aged 8      
          10 William REID      
        born: 1885/6, Aberdeen      
died: 1896/7 aged 11      
        1891 At home, scholar aged 5      



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