Log of Changes to Web Site
Date Details
Work in progress
bulletFamily Group Sheets - phase 2 - more detail including supporting document references
bulletLinking of FG Sheets to census returns
bulletNotes on Photos 1-41 to 1-71
bulletSecond Album - photos & notes
bulletMiscellaneous photos & notes
Information ready to post
bulletMore book reviews
bulletExtract from Poor Law Register 11-Nov-1881 for John GREIG (aged 76)
bulletEdvard GRIEG's ancestry
bulletFurther work on CAMERON photos
bulletRepost last 4 photos from Volume 2 - bad quality
9th December 2012
bulletCARROLL R001 updated with new information (from trip to Ireland)
bulletStarted updating Bolton dead from information obtained from Deceasedonline - wow what a site! This will be a major on-going project, needing Personal Pages to display MIs etc.
bulletBook diary updated
bullete-book information finished - I am suprised by the lack of overlap between the paper and e-books
bulletFirst Personal Page posted for Julia CARROLL  (P.P.). Note about Personal Pages on the front page
bulletMini-Review of Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) also on the front page
17th August 2012
bulletBook diary updated
bulletWork continued on the origins of CARROLLs, etc
bulletVarious Italian errors corrected - Tree Bottoms, REGIS VB01, VB02, GAVIN W001 & CANTE W001
9th July 2012
bulletREGIS line extended (finally), Changes to REGIS SA01 + New pages : REGIS TB02, T006, UB01, VB01, VB02, TARTAGLIONE W001, GAVIN W001, CONTE W001
bulletLinks entered on Tree Bottoms
bulletAdditional information added to "the Irish in Bolton" : CARROLL R001, HIPWELL Q001
bulletFurther e-book information incorporated
22nd April 2012
bulletBook diary updated
bullete-book information incorporated
5th March 2012
bulletLibrary Summary page modified for e-books
bulletInformation from Grant CRAWFORD provides new page BAIN W003
1st March 2012
bulletAdditional census research - "the Irish in Bolton" - following pages updated:
bulletUnknown Q000 renamed HIPWELL Q000
bulletChanges to HOOTON V014 & W001 to reflect Jimmy HOOTON's death
6th February 2012
bulletFamily News page / blog setup. I wish that I had recorded these from the beginning. I will have to guess the previous entries. <Thinks> I don't have to start in 2001 - I could go further back and turn it into a family line history...</Thinks>
bulletVarious updates to family pages
bulletUpdate to reading diary
29th November 2011
bulletThomas Carroll [T001] changes to reflect 1911 census
bulletNew Page for John HEALEY [R000]
bulletDetails entered for Christopher LLOYD RIP
3rd November 2011
bulletDiary Updates
bulletBouamama W000 Page updated, also Jaeckel V000 & Baudoux W000 Pages
5th September 2011
bulletFurther Library updates
bulletBouamama W000 Page posted
9th July 2011
bulletFurther Library updates
bulletFixed broken link between Barratt TA04 and Jervis U001 and the rest of the family and between Barratt SA05 and Jervis SA00 an the rest of the family
bulletFixed most of the broken hyperlinks in the Frontpage System report
20th May 2011
bulletFG Sheet for Len Hollands V000, husband of Dad's sister Mary
bulletCorrected Cameron VB01 - it was incorrectly a copy of U003, and added Cameron XB01 and Richards X001
bulletFurther Library updates
4th May 2011
bulletDad's (Jim Cameron) details posted
bulletLink to Bill Cameron repaired. Also details of John Cameron's grandchildren posted
bulletBook diary updated
bulletTree Bottom inserted for Ads & Leigha Cameron
17th April 2011
bulletInserted FG Sheet for Douglas Watt U003 - thanks John for the information
bulletRepaired broken links between Cameron TA02 and Daun U000 etc
bulletCross Q000 rebuilt reflecting complex details extracted from wills of Richard Cross, Gentleman of Rainford (1787) & his wife Mary Cross, widow of Rainford (1801)
28th March 2011
bulletCath's Grundy 4 x Great Grandparents identified Grundy Q000
bulletCath's Who Am I updated
bulletDaun family updated with more grandchildren for Ian & Anne.
Also new FG Sheet for Ian's Great Grandfather Daun T000
bulletLibrary index & Book log updated
15th March 2011
bulletMissing hyperlink inserted between Healey S000 & Finn R000
bulletNew page for Richard Cross R000 and his parents Richard Cross Q000
bulletRepaired links from Watt T000 to Watt U002, U005 & U008
bulletInserted a link on Tree Bottoms for my 3rd cousin John Watt
20th February 2011
bulletNew FG Sheet - Thomas Birchall R000
bulletUpdated census information & BMDs on Robinson T000 & S000 + Birchall S000
bulletLinked Greenhalgh S000 and Thomason R000
bulletThomas Birchall R000 updated with 10 children!
bulletAlso Robinson R000, Hooton U000, T000, S000, Q000, R000 & Batten S000 updated
17th February 2011
bulletLibrary index updated
bulletBook log - 2008 & 2009 archived as separate pages
bulletBarratt Q000, Edwards QA00, Godwin U000, Kerfoot S000 sheets rebuilt
bulletFixed missing link between Robinson T000 & Birchall S000
bulletRobinson Family:
Updated Census Information T000, S000, R000
Found Additional information on IGI for R000 including name of parents - William ROBINSON & Esther RYLEY
bulletCath's Who Am I Tree updated
5th January 2011
bulletLibrary index updated
bulletReplacement of Site Meter code - it keeps disappearing :-(
Moved to the top of the page to make it more visible & less prone to accidental deletion
bulletBook diary updated
bulletHooton deaths corrected on U000 (Robert & Nicholas) - Thanks Joan!
13th December 2010
bulletBarratt SA05, QA02, QB06, PA02 sheets rebuilt
bulletSite Server upgrade with www.easily.co.uk
26th November 2010
bulletCorrected parentage of James REID - FG Sheets Reid R000, S000, TA08 & Smith RA00
bulletCorrected parentage on my Who Am I page & reinstated SMITH link on front page
bulletInserted census details for REID family, where available
bulletLibrary index updated
bulletBook log updated
bulletSmith RA00 renamed to RA03 & QA00 created
bulletTop page adjusted slightly. Recommended websites added (SF & FH)
18th November 2010
bulletVan de Ghoor pages reposted
bulletLibrary Index setup and partially entered
bulletFamily of my sister-in-law Laraine EDWARDS-WILLIAMS posted
bulletLink for Denise for quick access!
bulletAnd fancy new photo on front page, taken @ my son's wedding in Strasbourg
11th October 2010
bulletMore REGIS detail posted
bulletMore CAGE detail posted (Cage [U000] - married to Jane REID) - Thanks Linds!
bulletAuthor Publication Lists upgraded to latest version. Publication Lists inserted where they did not exist
10th October 2010
bulletFG Sheet Bannister [R000] added
bulletDark blue web pages with white font (MS Balance 0011) replaced with Grey (MS Concrete 0011)
bulletAccess to photos improved with a bespoke Family Group sheet giving direct access for Cameron & Henderson families. From Index page & Album introduction page
21st September 2010
bulletBook log updated & further pages split out
bulletMy Mother's details updated on Regis [UA01], Cameron [UA06] and [VA06]
bulletOpened a FG Sheet for my immediate family, Cameron [WA01] including my son's marriage
bulletPaternity of James REID [SA00] corrected by Alison Smith of Gene Genie. Also changes to Who Am I page. Corrected REID family group sheets to follow
23rd September 2009
bulletCorrections for Fred DAVIES on [V000]
10th October 2008
bulletDetails of Death of Jean CAMERON corrected on Cameron [UA05]
8th March 2008
bulletHyperlink (Return) to Bibliography pages inserted in old reviews
bulletFG Sheets REGIS TA01 & T003 updated with 1901 census information
bulletHOOTON family group sheets back to Nicholas HOOTON [K000]
bulletJan/Feb Book Diaries
bulletWilliam SHEEDY's baptism details, & mother's maiden name
bulletadditional GREIG information from Colin GREIG via Genes Reunited
11th January 2008
bulletMILNE census details (1891)
bulletMagnus WATT's parents & siblings
bulletUpdates to Reading Diary
bulletBelated Book Reviews from March & June 2007
6th July 2007
bulletInformation from Amada CLARK about the family of Peter REID [U007] and Agnes STRACHAN. Welcome, cousin
bulletDetails of Jane REID / CAGE from Lindsay LLOYD
bulletBook reviews from January 2007
28th January 2007
bulletDetails for Kate HOOTON who passed away on Friday
19th January 2007
bulletMore info about William CAMERON T004 family
bulletJust noticed the web counter is missing off the home page. Oooops
12th January 2007
bulletChanges to CORMACK V001 - Details for George CORMACK's wife as detailed by Lyall CORMACK in email 12-Jan-07
1th January 2007
bulletRevised family for William CAMERON T004. Researched by my sister, Lindsay Jane LLOYD - well done Linds!
bulletChanges to CORMACK V001 - Death of William Donald CORMACK & corrected details for his wife & children from email 11-Jan-07
5th December 2006
bulletWilliam CAMERON T004 marriage incorrect. Spouse details removed
bulletCorrections and additions to CARROLL ancestry
3rd December 2006
bulletFinally, my wife's ancestry (some of it anyway - more to come...)
bulletRestructured home page
18th October 2006
bulletLatest book reviews integrated
bulletLatest books read
28th September 2006
bulletMore changes to BARRATT SB02 + TB05 FG Sheets with information from Brenda GREEN
bulletLatest books read
10th September 2006
bulletChanged Dave West's site links
bulletWatt U005. Changes to cause of death for Ethel MORRIS. Grateful thanks to Jane Cox for e-mail
bulletChanges to BARRATT SB02 + TB05 FG Sheets with information from Brenda GREEN
18th August 2006
bulletLatest Book Reviews
bulletReference  to new BARRATT cousin Margaret GREEN on Index page
24th July 2006
bulletMore PALMER information from Brenda HAZEL. Moved access point
bulletMore CORMACK information from Bec CORMACK. Moved access point
17th July 2006
bulletSetup missing FG Sheet: Regis R000
bulletSetup missing FG Sheet: Castagno S000
bulletAdditional information on FG Sheet: Regis SA00
bulletAdditional information on FG Sheet: Palmer S000
bulletAdditional information from Sandra CORMACK (dated Sep-2000) regarding the CORMACK family
10th July 2006
bulletInformation on John D CAMERON - FG Sheet Cameron TA02 from Ian & Anne DAUN, also death information from photo of Uncle Willie & Auntie Maggie looking at MI
bulletAdditional information from Neil CAMERON
bulletAdditional Cameron census info - generally 3 Gt Grandparent's FG sheets
bulletBroken link to Milne T000 from Cameron U001 corrected - identified by Roy at SEVENtwentyfour [roybryant@seventwentyfour.com]
bulletDetails for a new BARRATT cousin who has googled us - Brenda HAZEL
9th June 2006
bulletNew photo front page, with two (Henderson & Cameron) Family Trees attached for direct access to individual photos. Navigation is tricky. to get back to the new index pages use the <BACK> button, otherwise you will stay in the albums.
2nd June 2006
bulletBook diary entries
bulletThis months book reviews
bulletCameron Photos: Volume 1
- rest of supporting structure added
- missing backup pages behind photos added
bulletCameron Photos: Volume 2
- missing photos posted
- supporting structure of pages set up
- backup pages behind photos added
- navigation buttons inserted
30th April 2006
bulletFamily information for Neil CAMERON's line from James CAMERON [U003]
25th April 2006
bulletRest of WATT information from Chris SEATON
bulletMore CAMERON census information
bulletUpdates to SMOLLET, WATSON, HENDERSON & LAING lines from Aberdeenshire Genealogy (Jim Mann Taylor) www.phlomis.plus.com
bulletFinally posted Cameron P000 the earliest CAMRON information (so far)
bulletSome more books for the book log
3rd April 2006
bulletSome of the information from Chris SEATON re his CAMERON line (through Janet CAMERON daughter of Donald CAMERON Blacksmith of Blairs Estate)
30th March 2006
bullet5 latest book reviews & link to www.theucc.co.uk
bulletLink for Pamela FORSYTH to her FG Sheet
1st March 2006
bulletBook Diary split into years - it was getting too long (taking too long to load)
bulletEulogy for Elsie Stevens
3rd February 2006
bulletLatest book reviews
bulletSome CAMERON census info
24th January 2006
bulletJERVIS FG Sheets (S, T & U)
17th January 2006
bulletUpdate on DAUN FG Sheets from Iain DAUN
bulletCorrected FG Sheet CLARK U000
bulletFREEMAN FG Sheets
10th January 2006
bulletFinal GREIG FG Sheets - that is all for now
bulletRest of CAMERON FG Sheets (for now). Anyone have any missing information?
bulletLink for Sandra CORMACK to her FG Sheet
bulletRevised Front page
31st December 2005
bulletBook Diary updated
bulletChange to message on front page
bulletCopyright date updated
bulletMore names on Tree Bottoms
bulletMore GREIG FG Sheets
25th December 2005
bulletFront page modified to include site objectives
bullet... and seasonal greetings
bulletMore GREIG FG Sheets
14th December 2005
bulletOccupation for Peter HENDERSON [SA01]
bulletStan BARRATTs e-mail address on Direct Access page
bulletLinks to latest book reviews
bulletRevised GREIG [SA01]
bulletAdditional GREIG details
bulletRevised FG Sheet structure (GREIG [RA02])
7th December 2005
bulletPossible 9th Birth on Thomas Barratt [RA05] - Sarah BARRATT according to Stan BARRATT
bulletLink for Reg Godwin on Direct Access page
7th December 2005
bulletCorrected bad hyperlink on Jervis on front page
bulletFG Sheets renumbered to include Line character: Number is abnn where
a   is generation character
b   is line character where
     A is my line
     0 (zero) is unassigned
     B - Z are other lines 
nn  is numeric birth position in family, where
     00 is unknown birth position
     01 is first born, etc 
bulletMore Barratt FG Sheets. Complete so far...
bulletDirect access page for other family members not in direct line
bulletLink for Chris Seaton
30th November 2005
bulletDetails of Janet Cameron from Chris Seaton
bulletMore of Barratt FG Sheets
bulletVan de Ghoor e-mail address
24th November 2005
bulletMore of Barratt FG Sheets
bulletNeil Cameron's details
23rd November 2005
bulletMinor additions / changes to bmds
bulletlink to mypritchardfamily.co.uk
22nd November 2005
bulletMinor additions / changes to bmds
bulletlink to www.mygodwins.com
22nd November 2005
bulletFamily Group Sheets reflecting full network of family worldwide - phase 1 deployment
bulletRevised front page - direct access to Family group sheets
bulletSeptember 2005 & November 2005 Book reviews inserted
bulletWho Am I screen upgraded to linked set of Family Group sheets
bulletHenderson & Regis pages deleted - replaced by FG Sheets
14th November 2005
bulletBlog updated
bulletFamily History - more detail
bulletChanges / research undertaken since last posting
20th January 2004 (never posted - combined with Nov 2005)
bulletRevised front page
bulletNew Greig Cousin thanks to Google, hence more Greig data
bulletGeneral changes over site
bulletFurther additions to the book diary (blog) - links & reviews to follow
20th October 2003 (never posted - combined with Nov 2005)
bulletFurther additions to the book diary
27th January 2003
bulletAdditions to book diary - I was ill over Christmas, hence I managed to catch up a bit! And some more reviews
bulletMore Farscape episodes. The series keeps on getting better and better. What a shame it has been canned.
11th November 2002
bulletScience Fiction site laid out : 
Book diary, Reviewed authors page, a large proportion of my book reviews for the last two years
But no back buttons - Doh!
bulletChanges to Who Am I! 
Isn't the 1901 census wonderful. Gt Gt Grandfather Christopher Barratt wasn't born in Staffordshire. He was a different Christopher born in Northamptonshire with a different wife. We never found him before because his son was in India in 1881
6th May 2002
bulletUpdate to Front Page
bulletStructure of the second album laid out
bulletSome photos from the 2nd album, sorry no backs or notes yet
bulletMost wanted page updated
30th January 2002
bulletLinks page
bulletMost wanted page
6th January 2002
bulletChristening dates for John & Sandy Henderson (Mary's Family Page updated)
bulletRevised year of birth for Elizabeth & Sandy Henderson (photo pages changed accordingly)
bulletDeath dates for Peter & Matilda (my grandparents) - thanks to Wilma MacGregor
bulletPartial REGIS Family Tree information
5th January 2002
bulletUpdate to Front Page
bulletChanges to Family History Front Page
bulletMost wanted page
bulletREGIS Page
14th December 2001
bullet1-18 renamed, 1-40 posted
3rd December 2001
bulletMore book reviews posted
29th November 2001
bullet2 Book reviews from Sep-2000
bulletThe site meter fixed
22nd November 2001
bullet1-08 & Page 4 renamed on advice from Ian Daun
bulletAlso 1-17 & Page 9 renamed 
bulletAlso 1-20 & Page 10 redated
bulletNotes written on 1-37 to 1-39 
bulletAttempt to get rid of /web 'problem'
17th November 2001
bulletWebsite first published. 1-1 to 1-36 identified
bulletNotes on first 36 photos only

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