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  Magnus Rait WATT       Janet CAMERON      
1857 Born 03-Apr-1857 in Kintore, Aberdeenshire      1858 Born on 04-Jul-1858 in Maryculter Kincardineshire      
1861       1861 living with parents at Kincausie Estate House & Smithy      * Janet's father Donald CAMERON died in 1867. Her
1871       1871* living with brother
James CAMERON & family at Blacksmiths, Burnhead Maryculter (probably Kincausie Estate & Smithy).
     mother Ann CAMERON (WATSON) moved into a small cottage on Blairs Estate, with youngest daughter only.
Janet's 2nd eldest brother James CAMERON took over the smithy at Blairs from his father, and Janet remained there in the house where she was born & brought up.
1881* working as Journeyman Blacksmith for James CAMERON at Kingcausie Estate & Smithy, Maryculter     1881* living in Berwick-upon-Tweed,
at 1 Wellington Terrace working as a cook for teh family of Alexander ROBERTSON, an Iron Founder. Her brother John CAMERON & family were living close by at 9 Bridge Street, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland.
She was aged 23
      But strangely, in 1881 she was working down in Berwick-upon-Tweed where her eldest brother John CAMERON had a vet & farriers practice. Now, working as a Journeyman Blacksmith in 1881 at Blairs Smithy is Magnus Rait  WATT. It seems likely that poor Magnus was felt to be unsuitable for Janet, and
  Moved to Blaenafon to find work as a Police Constable     1883 living at Blaenavon, Monmouthshire     this is the reason why she was moved down to Berwick!
1883 Married on 11-Apr-1883 to Janet CAMERON at Abersychan Church (Established), Monmouthshire     1883 Married on 11-Apr-1883 to Magnus Rait WATT at Abersychan Church (Established) Monmouthshire     It could also be the reason why Magnus moved to South Wales, and why Janet and Magnus were married  in Monmouthshire in
1891 living at 3 Upper Waun Street, Blaenafon, Monmouthshire with family, Job as Police Constable     1891 With husband and family     1883 rather than in Maryculter. But according to Chris Seaton, jobs in the police were eagerly
1901 20 St Luke's Road, Abersychan, Monmouthshire, Police Constable     1901 With husband and family     sought after, so South Wales may have been the first position to come up, thus enabling them
1922 07-Aug-1922 was working as Nightwatchman at Tin Plate Works. Son Llewellyn was foreman             to marry. Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose!


1934 Died on 23-Nov-1934 in Griffithstown, Monmouthshire. Death registered in Pontypool District aged 77     1939 Q1-1939, died in Caerleon District, Monmouthshire      
  son of William WATT, Farm Servant & Barbara ALEXANDER              
          1 Magnus Raith WATT      
born: 19-Apr-1884 at 4 Bailey Street, Garndiffaith, Monmouthshire      
        died: 02-Mar-1896 in Blaenavon, Monmouthshire. Buried in Blaenavon churchyard      
          2 William WATT     Elizabeth Ann WHITCOMBE
born: 29-Jun-1885 at 4 Bailey Street, Garndiffaith   born: 07-Sep-1888 in Pontypool, Monmouthshire
marr: 1907
        occ: Journeyman Boot & Shoemaker (1901)   died: Buried at Panteg, Monmouthshire
                4 children
          3 Douglas WATT     Laura BARNES
born: 11-Nov-1886 at 4 Bailey Street, Garndiffaith   born:  
        died: 1943
marr: 1907
        occ: Coal Hewer (1901)
Professional Soldier (SWB)
When invalided out of the army, he joined Monmouth Police and took the same police number as Magnus Watt who had retired.
                3 children
          4 Colin Cameron WATT     Ellen (Nell) CAREY
born: 24-Aug-1889 at North Street, Blaenavon   born:  
marr: 1919
        occ:     died:  
                1 child Olga
          5 Llewellyn James WATT     Ethel MORRIS
born: 08-Oct-1890 at 3 Upper Waun Street, Blaenavon Llanover   born: 28-Aug-1890 at 6 Commercial Street, Griffithstown, Mon
marr: 1922 at Congregational Church, Stemys Street, Griffithstown, Mon
        occ: Roller & Foreman at Tin Plate Works   occ: Pianoforte Teacher
  * changed from Diabetes Haelitus to Mellitus. Re e-mail from Jane Cox see copy of e-mail     died: 1955 in Griffithstown, Monmouthshire   died: 19-Jul-1955 in Aberaychon, Monmouthshire of Coronary Thombosis & Diabetes Mellitus*
          1 child Noreen Margaret
b 1929 at Griffithstown
d 1984 at Leigh-on-sea, Essex
    daughter of William MORRIS & Agnes WILLETTS
          6 Edith May WATT     Isaac John WEBBER
born: 11-Feb-1893 at 7C Raw Forge Side, Blaenavon   born:  
        marr: 1917
        died:     died:  
          2 sons: Gordon & Ron      
          7 Ronald WATT      
born: 30-Jul-1896 at 7C Raw Forge Side, Blaenavon      
        occ: Private in 6th Battalion of South Wales Borderers.      
        died: Missing, presumed dead in WW1 09-Apr-1918, commemorated on memorial at Ploegsteert, Belgium      
          8 Kenneth Roy WATT     Elizabeth MATHIAS
born: 27-Feb-1901 at 20 St Luke's Road, Abersychan, Pontnewynydd,  Mons.   bap: 11-Feb-1900 at Stepaside, Pembrokeshire
marr: 1927
        occ:     died:  
                1 child Emrys Watt
          9 Hector WATT     Hilda THOMAS
born: 16-May-1902 at Osbourne Road, in Blaenavon   born:  
marr: 1925
        occ:     died:  
                1 child Margaret WATT. died 2001 Newport, S Wales. married Donald GULLIS who died
09-Nov-2001 Newport S Wales.

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