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  William CAMERON       Christina BELL      
1853 Baptised on 04-Apr-1853 at  Maryculter Kincardineshire     1853 Born Scotland      
1861       1861        
1871       1871        
1881 Boarder, living at 11 Rochester Road, St Pancras, Kentish Town. Aged 30, unmarried, stationer.     1881        
1882 William CAMERON married Christina BELL on 06-Jul-1882 at the Parish Church, Hampstead. Marriage registered Q3 1882 at Hampstead London (1a 1277).
Father Donald CAMERON deceased. Witnesses: A SPALDING & Isabel BELL
    1882 Christina BELL married William CAMERON on 06-Jul-1882 at the Parish Church, Hampstead. Marriage registered Q3 1882 Hampstead London (1a 1277). Father David BELL was deceased. Witnesses: A SPALDING & Isabel BELL      

Living in Hampstead London with wife, four children & sister in law (Isabel BELL 31, dressmaker born Scotland). Occupation  stationers manager aged 38

    1891 Living with husband and sister, aged 38      

Living in Hoppers Road, Southgate with wife and family, occupation Stationers Clerk, aged 49

    1901 Living with husband and family, aged 49      
died:       died:        
          1 Otto Edler CAMERON     Clarissa Irene FABIAN
born: 1883 Hornsey Middlesex.
Birth registered Q3 1883 Edmonton (3a 221)

Registered Q2 1884 Kensington

        died: Died age 37 Hankow volume 14 consular deaths 171a 1916-1920

New International cemetery in Hankow has a Cameron C E age 45 male buried Aug 1920 plot 226 no occupation given.

marr: Married to Otto Edler CAMERON 30-Mar-1914 at St Luke's Church, Islington. Marriage registered Q1 1914 to Irene C Fabian,  Islington (1b 367)
Fathers: William CAMERON gentleman & Jesse FABIAN Gentleman.
Witnesses: Jesse FABIAN, Charlotte Amelia FABIAN & G W Fabian
        occ: Merchant (Marriage cert)   died: Death not located as Clarissa CAMERON in UK or Overseas
 With parents, aged 7
Not with parents
    No children identified UK or overseas
  There are two possible births for Charles:              

Charles Gordon Cameron born Q1 1885 edmonton (3a 261)

      2 Charles Gordon CAMERON       Married
  or Charles Peter G Cameron born Q1 1885 hendon (3a 165)  
born: 1885 Hornsey Middlesex.
Birth registered Q1 1885 Edmonton (3a 261)
  Marriages & deaths available ...     died:  
  but which is which?     occ:     died:  

Charles G Cameron married Frances Bomford  chelsea june qtr 1916 1a 926 


 with parents, aged 6
 with parents, brassworker turner aged 16

Need certificate to be totally sure this is the right Charles G, there were others

  Including one who married Miss Edwards paddington dec qtr 1925 1a 130       3 Olive Isabel CAMERON      
  And not to be confused with a Charles Cameron who married a Miss Bamford in toxteth park in 1922) births checked for years 1916-1930  
born: 1891 Hampstead.
Birth registered Q1 1891 Hampstead (1a 675)

Rita S P Cameron born paddington dec qtr 1917 mmn Bomford 1a 86

    died: 1966 in Henley
Death registered Q3 1966 (6B 858). aged 75
  No marriage found for Rita, checked 1935-1954, and also overseas.     occ:        
  Searched all years for deaths 1917-1983     1891
With parents, aged 14 months
With parents, aged 10
  Charles G Cameron died age 69 Reading Mar qtr 1954 6a 133              


      4 Frederick Ian CAMERON      
  Frances Cameron (possible death age 62 Folkestone mar qtr 1949 5b 676)  

1895 Southgate.
Birth registered Q1 Edmonton (3a 448)

  Rita S P no death found, no marriage found. Overseas and st cats checked..maybe Scotland.?     marr: does not appear to have married -      
        died: 1968 in Hillingdon.
Death registered Q3 1968 (5C 375)
        1901  with parents aged 6      

The Bomford Family

If Charles G Cameron who married Frances Bomford is the correct one...

Victor reginald Bomford born 1859

Married Letitia Sarah Purcell sep qtr 1883 Lichfield

1891 Gothic House, Halesworth, Suffolk

Victor R Bomford, 32 curate of halesworth born London

Letitia 31 born Manchester

Frances 5 born Norwich


1901 Sandymouth Bangor, Caernarvon

Letitia Sarah Bomford 41 wid liv on own means

Frances 15  (born mar qtr 1886 norwich)



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