Dead Men's Boots - Mike Carey






534 Pages







Reviewed by:

Rod Cameron

Review Date:

November 2007

Following on from The Devil you Know (2006) and Vicious Circle (2006), Dead Menís Boots is the third novel in The Felix Castor series by Mike Carey. You may remember that set in a modern day London where the undead are a lot more active than the real one, Fix works as a reluctant exorcist. Little does he know that when a friendís widow asks for help at her husbandís funeral, Fix will end up with his life being threatened. Essentially, the widow wants to stop her husbandís corpse being stolen by lawyers.

Then, a brutal murder occurs which strangely looks as if it was committed by a long-dead American serial-killer. On top of this, someone is attempting to gain ownership of Rafi, Fixís friend who is possessed by the demon Asmodeus. It seems to Fix that all three problems may be related. But to find out how will require the help of his acquaintances Juliet the succubus and Nicky Heath the paranoid zombie.

Dead Menís Boots is another excellent instalment in the saga about Felix Castor. Building on the characterisation developed in the first two novels, it is equally as fast paced and entertaining. The good news is that the fourth novel Thicker than Water is already on its way.