Vicious Circle - Mike Carey






501 Pages







Reviewed by:

Rod Cameron

Review Date:

January 2007

Felix Castor returns in this sequel to The Devil You Know. Vicious Circle starts fairly soon after Mike Carey’s first novel. Having survived (just) the trials and tribulations of the Bonnington Archive ghost, and convinced himself that he can be a force for good as an exorcist, Castor has reluctantly returned to communicating with the undead. And we find him working for the police as a consultant. This helps to pay the bills, but his friend Rafi is still possessed by the demon Asmodeus, and technically the succubus Ajulutsikael (Juliet to her “friends”) still has a contract on him, despite the fact that she has been working as his apprentice.

Fix takes on a seemingly innocuous, well-paying little case of the kidnapped ghost of a little girl, and of course it turns into something particularly nasty involving Satanists and a plot to raise one of Hell’s fiercest demons.

As with The Devil you Know, I cannot recommend Vicious Circle too highly. This is an excellent second novel which is just as compulsive reading as the first. Being honest, I would not like to be pressed as to which I preferred. The worst thing about them is the time I will have to wait for the third instalment. Come on Mike, please hurry up!