Roger Zelazny - Publication List



Date (Pages) Series Review
Fantasy Nine Princes in Amber 1970 Amber #1  
Fantasy The Guns of Avalon 1972 Amber #2  
Fantasy Sign of the Unicorn 1975 Amber #3  
Fantasy The Hand of Oberon 1976 Amber #4  
Fantasy The Courts of Chaos 1978 Amber #5  
Fantasy Changeling 1980 (244)    
Fantasy The Chronicles of Amber 2000 Amber #1 - #5 June 2000
  A Rose For Ecclesiastes      
  Lord of Light      
  Damnation Alley      
  Isle of the Dead      
  Jack of Shadows      
  To Die in Italbar      
  Doorway in the Sand      
  The Dream Master      
  The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth      
  The Illustrated Roger Zelazny      
  My Name is Legion      
Editor Nebula Award Stories #3   Nebula Award Stories #3  
  Deus Irae
with Philip Kendred Dick
  This Immortal 1966 (187)    
with Fred Saberhagen
1982 (187)    
Fantasy Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming and Robert Sheckley 1991 (279)    
Editor Wheel of Fortune 1995 (341) Short Story Collection (21) + Intro (4)  
Fantasy Psycho Shop
and Alfred Bester
1998 (207) Introduction by Greg Bear (4)  
Crime The Dead Man's Brother 2009 (256)