John Wyndham - Publication List



Date (Pages) Series Review
  The Secret People      
  Stowaway to Mars      
  Wanderers of Time      
  Sleepers of Mars      
  The Day of the Triffids 1951 (272)    
SF Plan for Chaos 1951 (231) + Notes on the text  
  The Kraken Wakes 1953 (240)    
  The Chrysalids 1955 (200)    
  Consider Her Ways and Others      
  The Seeds of Time      
  The Midwich Cuckoos      
  The Outward Urge
with Lucas Parkes
1959 (187)    
  Trouble With Lichen      
SF The Best of John Wyndham 1932 - 1949 edited by Angus Wells 1973 ( Short Story Collection (6) +
Introduction (5) by Leslie Flood +
Bibliography (2) by Gerald Bishop

See also The Night of the Triffids by Simon Clark

See also The Chrysalids Notes a critical review by Coles