Frank Herbert - Publication List



Date (Pages) Series Review
SF The White Plague      
SF Dune   Dune #1  
SF Dune Messiah 1969 (222) Dune #2  
SF Children of Dune   Dune #3  
SF God Emperor of Dune   Dune #4  
SF Chapter-House Dune   Dune #5  
SF Whipping Star   a #1  
SF The Dosadi Experiment 1977 (336) a #2 January 2001
SF The Dragon in the Sea      
SF The Worlds of Frank Herbert      
SF The Green Brain      
SF The Eyes of Heisenberg      
SF Hellstrom's Hive      
SF The Santaroga Barrier      
SF The Heaven Makers      
SF The God Makers      
SF The Priests of Psi      
SF The Jesus Incident
with B Ransom
1979 (405)    
SF Man of Two Worlds
with Brian Herbert
1986 (397)    
SF Eye 1985 (328) Short Story Collection (14)  
  Soul Catcher 1972 (216)    
Non-Fiction The Road to Dune
with Brian Herbert
and Kevin J Anderson
2005 (381)    

Overview of the Dune Novels