Rod Cameron's Web Site                Family Group Sheet: Alderman James JERVIS   [U001]

  Alderman James JERVIS or GRIMSHAW or BARRATT       Lillie GITTINS      
1886: 02-Aug-1886, mother was working as Domestic Servant in liverpool     born: ?      
  He was brought up by his Aunt Charlotte JERVIS              
1891 61 Keswick Street, Little Bolton,     1891        

Charlotte widow, House keeper lodging at 16 St. Albans? Street, St Annes on Sea. Occupation Cabinet Maker

1911       1911 Occupation Nurse      
1912 Married to Lillie GITTINS on 30-Nov-1912, St Matthews, Nottingham     1912 Married to Alderman James JERVIS on 30-Nov-1912, St Matthews, Nottingham      
  At marriage in 1912, his father was listed as William JERVIS head postman       At marriage in 1912, her father was Thomas James GITTINS, Collier      
1971 He died 20-Mar-1971 aged 85       Died?      
  Information from       1 Nancy JERVIS     1 Billy ROBERTS

2 Harry HACKET

  Sandra via  
born: 09-Sep-1913   born:  
  Lindsay Lloyd     died: 39-Aug-1987
        occ:     occ:  
          2 Tommy JERVIS     1 Winifred MAUDE

2 Elsie VANNER

born: 04-Oct-1917   born:  
        died: 19-Jan-1989
        occ: Seaman   died: 1 1969
2  2004
          3 Margeurite Alexandra (Rita) JERVIS     Francis McDONOUGH
born: 23-Jun-1923   born: 1917
        died: 13-Sep-1995
died: 1978
        occ:     occ:  
          On Ritas birth cert, the surname is BARRETT-JERVIS      


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